A Moveable Feast: 11th American Literature/Composition

11th American Literature/Composition Winter 2008

Jazz Age and Roaring Twenties Research Resources December 10, 2008

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Multigenre Elements Menu November 21, 2008

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Please go to http://hamilton11th.wikispaces.com/file/view/Multigenre+Artifacts+Fall+2008.pdf for the menu of choices.  Please let me know if you need help!

Mrs. Hamilton


November 12, 2008: Reflecting on Your Research November 13, 2008

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Reflect on what you have read and accomplished tonight.

1.   Discuss what you learned tonight—what information seemed important to you?  What information stood out to you? 
2.  What did you accomplish tonight?
3.  Do you feel ready to start taking electronic notes tomorrow?

You may respond in complete sentences; you may number your responses.


Monday, November 11, 2008: Maggie Research Project: Let’s Get Started! November 10, 2008

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Tuesday, 9/23/08 Research Project Agenda September 23, 2008

1.  Create NoodleTools account:  let me assist you with this task.
2.  Start finding articles and/or books that you think you will want to use in your paper.  As you read, complete tonight’s handout, “Position Statement” and “Three Reasons.”  I need to see this form completed tonight.
3.  As you find sources you will use, let Mrs. Hamilton help you cite these in NoodleTools.
4.  Begin taking notes.  You can give your notecards “titles” with the reasons.  Our goal is to get our 10 notecards completed tonight.
5.  Our focus tonight is on gathering as much information that you can use in your paper as possible.
6.  Complete tonight’s reflection blog

>Incorporating parenthetical references
>Completing the Works Cited page


How do we get to our presidential research project? February 11, 2008

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  • Pathfinder Page: Presidential Persuasive Essay
  • Presidential Persuasive Information Sources
  • Don’t forget that Winter Break tutoring is available next week!  See Mrs. Hamilton for details, or sign up in the office with Ms. Barnes!  🙂


    Reflecting On Tonight’s Research, Thursday, February 7, 2008 February 8, 2008

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    Please answer these questions thoughtfully—you may type and save in Word before you post.  Please answer in complete sentences.

    1.  As of tonight, who is your candidate of choice?
    2.  What did you learn about your candidate tonight?  Please explain in 3-4 sentences.
    3.  As of tonight, what are the three issues that are important to you and that you are in agreement with regarding your candidate?
    4.  What was the most helpful information source you viewed tonight?
    5.   Based on what you read tonight, what is one question you have for your candidate?
    6.  How many sources did you put into NoodleTools tonight?
    7.  What questions, if any, do you have about the research assignment at this time?

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Hamilton 🙂