A Moveable Feast: 11th American Literature/Composition

11th American Literature/Composition Winter 2008

Chapter 2 Response to The Great Gatsby May 9, 2008

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Consider the events of Chapter 2.  What character stands out the most to you in this chapter?  Why?  What event stands out the most to you ? Why?  What do you think of Myrtle Wilson?  What do you think of the way Tom treats her?  Why do you think she stays with him?  What do you think might happen next?

Share your ideas in a thoughtful paragraph of 10-12 complete sentences.


Responding to Chapters 1-3: Maggie, A Girl of the Streets April 16, 2008

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Consider these questions:

  • What was your first reaction to our reading?  Explain.
  • What events, attitudes, or plot developments stood out to you in the first three chapters?  Why?
  • What was most surprising to you in tonight’s reading?  Why?
  • Look back at each chapter.  What do you think was the most important thing that happened in EACH chapter?  Why?
  • In your opinion, what was the most interesting expression or quote? (give the quote and page number) Why?
  • Who is the most vivid character to you so far?  Why?  Describe that character and explain why he/she is so memorable to you at this point in the novella.
  • How did tonight’s reading make you feel?  Why?
  • What do you predict will happen next?

Please organize your responses to these questions in at least two paragraphs of 5-10 sentencesThink deeply and thoughtfully!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008: Research Paper Reflections February 26, 2008

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Please respond to these questions in complete sentences.

1.  What do you feel you  have learned so far from our research paper project?

2.   What skills do you need help with at this point?

3.  On a scale of 1-5 (1 awful and 5 awesome), how do you feel about your progress on your research paper?  Why?

4.  What do you feel you have done well so far on your research paper?  Of what are you proud?

5.  What do you need to do next on your research paper?


Thursday, January 10, 2008: Responding to Native American Myths January 10, 2008

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Please complete this after you have finished reading the Native American myths.What was your reaction to the Native American myths we read this evening?  What stood out to you from these two selections?  Do you think that modern readers should still study Native American myths and folklore in general?  Why or why not?
Share your ideas in a thoughtful paragraph of 8-10 complete sentences.


Post-Novella Reflections: Maggie, A Girl of the Streets, 12/14/07 December 14, 2007

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Reflect back on our novella, Maggie, A Girl of the Streets.  Please answer these questions in paragraph format.

1.  Look back at your background packet and consider the themes of this novella:  poverty and hypocrisy.  How are these themes illustrated in the novella through the characters and plot?  Explain in a paragraph of 12-15 sentences.  Give specific examples from the text to support your answers.

2.  In your opinion, who was the most important character in this novella?  Why?  Respond in a paragraph of 8-10 sentences.

3.  What role does religion play in this novella? How do the various characters use religious language and approach religious themes? How does the narrator seem to feel about organized religion?  Give examples from the novella to support your answer.  Respond in a paragraph of 8-12 sentences.

4.  Obviously, the characters in this novel speak in the dialect of lower Manhattan, and Crane makes an attempt to preserve this dialect. Think about the use of dialect in the novel: How does it make the reader feel about the characters? How is it intended to make the reader feel? Think especially about the relationship between how the characters sound and what they are saying.

5.  Crane’s novella Maggie: A Girl of the Street raises important questions about the capacity of people to be responsible for their own deeds. Is Maggie to blame for her descent into prostitution? Is Jimmie to blame for his violence, brutishness, and casual cruelty? Or must we point the finger at the social forces and diseases that brought them to the brink of degradation (poverty, coercive capitalism, lack of education, alcoholism)? How does this book steer a path between the two extremes of absolute personal responsibility and entirely contingent morality? Or does it avoid choosing a compromise position, and instead throw itself behind the position that social circumstance, not personal choice, is to blame for Maggie’s tragedy?  Respond in a paragraph of 12-15 sentences.

6.  Color plays a crucial role in setting the symbolic and emotional overtones in Maggie. Most obviously, there are the repeated references to varying shades of red when describing Mary; it seems that her face is always “crimson” or “fervent red. . . turned almost to purple.” What are the symbolic functions of the color red in this novel? Are there any other colors that Crane uses to symbolic or emotional effect? How? Where?  Explain in a paragraph of 8-12 sentences.