A Moveable Feast: 11th American Literature/Composition

11th American Literature/Composition Winter 2008

November 12, 2008: Reflecting on Your Research November 13, 2008

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Reflect on what you have read and accomplished tonight.

1.   Discuss what you learned tonight—what information seemed important to you?  What information stood out to you? 
2.  What did you accomplish tonight?
3.  Do you feel ready to start taking electronic notes tomorrow?

You may respond in complete sentences; you may number your responses.


Responding to Thoreau: Thursday, October 9, 2008 October 10, 2008

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Consider the excerpts we have read from Thoreau:  Civil Disobedience and Walden.  Consider the ideas that Thoreau has set forth in these works and the list of themes/ideas you received in your class notes on Thoreau.

Which of Thoreau’s ideas do you agree with (look at the list)?  Why?  Which of Thoreau’s ideas/themes do you disagree with?  Why?

Share your ideas in TWO paragraphs of 6-10 sentences.  Compose one idea on the ideas you agree with, and compose one paragraph on the ideas you disagree with.  Provide examples from the texts and/or modern day events/examples to help support your ideas.


Getting Ready for Poe: Pre-Poe Thinking (March 6, 2008) March 6, 2008

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How would you define fear?  What are your deepest fears? 

Please respond in a thoughtful paragraph of 8-10 complete sentences. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2008: Reflecting on Tonight’s Research! February 7, 2008

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Take a moment to think about the candidate website or websites you viewed.

1.  What ideas or information stood out to you?

2.  Are any particular issues that you see on the candidate websites seeming important to you at this point?  If so, which ones?

Please share your thoughts!  Thanks!

Mrs. Hamilton 🙂