A Moveable Feast: 11th American Literature/Composition

11th American Literature/Composition Winter 2008

Responding to Chapters 1-3 of Maggie, A Girl of the Streets December 5, 2007

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Consider these questions:

  • What was your first reaction to our reading?  Explain.
  • What events, attitudes, or plot developments stood out to you in the first three chapters?  Why?
  • What was most surprising to you in tonight’s reading?  Why?
  • Look back at each chapter.  What do you think was the most important thing that happened in EACH chapter?  Why?
  • In your opinion, what was the most interesting expression or quote? (give the quote and page number) Why?
  • Who is the most vivid character to you so far?  Why?  Describe that character and explain why he/she is so memorable to you at this point in the novella.
  • How did tonight’s reading make you feel?  Why?
  • What do you predict will happen next?

Please organize your responses to these questions in at least two paragraphs.  Think deeply and thoughtfully!