A Moveable Feast: 11th American Literature/Composition

11th American Literature/Composition Winter 2008

EOCT Testing Schedule December 2008 December 10, 2008

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EOCT TESTS December 2008 



Applied Algebra

Physical Science



9th Lit/Comp.


11th Lit/Comp.

U.S. History


Tuesday, December 9: Wordle December 9, 2008

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We will be using http://www.wordle.net tonight to create visual word clouds of our EOCT terms.  I will review instructions with the class for your Wordle assignment.

The glossary for each EOCT domain area is available at http://www.usatestprep.com .


Final Exam Schedule Announced December 1, 2008

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12/17/2008 4:00 PM


Final Exams 1st & 3rd Period 

12/18/2008 4:00 PM


Final Exam 2nd Period 


Check Out Our New Course Wiki! September 12, 2008

We will be using our new course wiki as we move into our research project after Fall Break!


Stephenie Meyer Fans: Breaking Dawn Party at Barnes and Noble! July 10, 2008

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Twilight  tempted the imagination. New Moon made readers thirsty for more. Eclipse turned the saga into a worldwide phenomenon. And now, the book that everyone has been waiting for… Breaking Dawn, the final book in the #1 bestselling Twilight saga, will take your breath away.

Stephenie Meyer’s sophisticated teen vampire novels have created the kind of response from teens and adults that we haven’t seen since the debut of Harry Potter. Barnes & Noble will be celebrating the August 2 release of Breaking Dawn by hosting special events in the stores. Select stores are staying open late August 1 and hosting midnight release parties.  And be sure to call or visit your local store to reserve your copy for the night of the party; you can also visit the website to pre-order your copy if you like.  The stores at Town CenterAlpharetta, and Cumming will all be hosting a book release event for youth and teens on August 1 at 10:00 PM—please visit each site or call for more details.


Looking Ahead: First Day of School is July 24, 2008! June 6, 2008

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Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but save the date:  our first day of class for 2008-09 is July 24, 2008.  Stay tuned…I will post details and information as I receive it.

Mrs. Hamilton


A Farewell Letter to My Wonderful 3rd Period! May 28, 2008

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Dear 3rd period:

You have all left the room now as you have finished your final exams.  I can hardly believe that the 18 weeks have flown by as quickly as they have.  I can honestly say that you all have been one of the most amazing groups of juniors I have had the honor of teaching.

Most of you have been with me since January, and when we began, I had a group of young people who had potential and ability.  You did not disappoint as you rose to the occasion with every academic challenge I presented you.  You were willing to stretch yourselves and to grow, to go to a place in your learning that many of you had not visited before.   Even when you sometimes doubted what we were doing, you had the confidence and faith in me to “hang with it” and come along for the wonderful ride we have called 11th American Literature/Composition.  Last but not least, I am especially proud of your performance on the EOCT—you did wonderfully, and you did not disappoint me!  Thank you for your hard work.

I honestly get teary-eyed thinking about the growth I have seen in so many of you.  You have literally blossomed, matured, and grown “like corn in the night” (as our friend Thoreau would say), and I am proud to have been a tiny part of that progress.

I hope you each know how much I have enjoyed teaching you, and that you are a special class that I will cherish and treasure in my heart for always.

  • Randy:  it has been a joy to be your teacher for two courses now.  You are a wise and mature soul—I know you will make a difference in the world with your talents.
  • Brittany:  you deserve a medal for taking not just one, but two courses with me!  I am so proud of how you have cultivated your work ethic since January.  Your coming to the author visit at my library was one of the biggest treats of my school year.  🙂
  • Sheree:  In spite of all your protesting :-), you are much better at English than you think!  Thank you for hanging in there and for always trying even when you did not feel like it.  I appreciate your always asking good questions and trying to do your best. 
  • Pete:  I have only had you in class for the last nine weeks, and I know it has been an uphill battle, but I respect how you have hung in there and fought your way back.  I hope you will channel your creativity as you get ready to graduate soon!
  • Ryan:  I am so proud of how you have worked hard and developed your natural talents for literature and all things English since January.   You have such aptitude for this subject—keep working at it!
  • Leanne:  What a difference a year makes!  You are like a butterfly—your metamorphosis has been a thing of beauty, and I know how hard you have worked to succeed.  🙂
  • Zach:  What a joy it has been to see you mature and grow into the fine young man you have become from the ninth grader you were a few years ago when I taught you at CHS.   I am so proud of the good choices you have made, and I wish you much happiness and success for the future you are now beginning!
  • Amanda:  To see your confidence in yourself grow the last eighteen weeks has been so gratifying for me.  You went from thinking “I can’t” to “I can”!  Your effort, attitude, and work ethic are to be commended.  Well done!  Thank you for your persistence and never giving up.
  • Kenny:  You are another one of the “butterflies” in here who has come miles since January.  Your hard work, positive “can do” attitude, and smile made our class a better place.  🙂  Thank you for always working hard and being willing to help out whenever needed. 
  • Faith:  You are another person whose transformation from January has been remarkable.  You have worked hard, buckled down, and grown up so much these last eighteen weeks.  I cannot express how proud I am of you, especially the last nine weeks.  You rocked the EOCT—go, girl!  🙂
  • Seth:  I am proud of how your work ethic has improved!  I am especially proud of your accomplishments with the research paper—that was a big step forward.  Keep working hard and best wishes for next year!
  • Jonathan:  You are much better at English than you think!  I will always remember your quiet, contemplative, and reflective ways; you never complained once about the work or difficulty of the class even when you were tired after working hard all day.  Thank you for always being such a good role model for others and your efforts in here! 
  • Jessica:  I know this is not your favorite subject, but you have such a talent for it!  Thank you for sticking with me and giving this course your best shot—you wowed all of us on your EOCT!  I am so very proud of your progress and achievement in here! 
  • John:  Although you were only with us for nine weeks, I did see progress!  I am proud of how you came on strong at the end this quarter, and I am very proud of your EOCT score—way to go!  I hope you will take your work to the next level when we return for 2008-09!

You are all dear to my heart; whoever follows you next year in 11th American Literature/Composition will have one hard class act to follow!  I hope all of you have a safe and happy summer!  🙂


Mrs. Hamilton