A Moveable Feast: 11th American Literature/Composition

11th American Literature/Composition Winter 2008

Reactions To The Conclusion of The Great Gatsby Video December 17, 2008

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Think about the story now that we have completed the movie.

1.  What was your response to the conclusion of the movie?  Why?

2.  Which character did you like most in the video?  Why?

3.  Which character did you like least in the video?  Why?

4.  What do you think of Gatby’s dream?  Was he foolish to pursue his dream or not?  Why?

Please write a brief paragraph (this means you will have four paragraphs) of 4-6 sentences each.  Think carefully and deeply.


5 Responses to “Reactions To The Conclusion of The Great Gatsby Video”

  1. jackie Says:

    The ending of the movie was really surprising, because I wouldn’t have expected for Gatsby to die. I think that I liked Jordan Baker the most, because she didn’t have much drama going on with her life she was just the go as life takes you. I didn’t like Tom as well, because he just had a great deal of things going on in his life. Gatsby had a great dream going on until the end. He was not foolish at all for believing in what he wanted to do.

  2. Alanah :))))) Says:

    I was very disappointed in the conclusion, i really wanted daisy and gatsby to fall in love. I did not see the end of the movie happening the way it did. The end of the movie was very sad. i liked Nick most in the movie, i liked Nick because he was Gatsby’s only true friend.Nick was the only friend that Gatsby had that acctually showed up at his funeral. I did not like Tom In the movie because he could cheat on his wife but she could not cheat on him. Tom tried to make everyone think that he was mr. innocent but he truely was not.I thought that Gatsby’s dream was not foolish because once you love someone it is hard to forget about them. I think it was not foolish to try and pursue his dream, he loved her why not give it a shot.

  3. Yadira Says:

    I did not like the conclusion to the movie because i did not agree to the fact that Gatsby had to die. I really liked Nick in the movie because he was a neutral friend to everyone until he really got a glimpse of the upper class people like Tom and Daisy. The least favorite character of the movie to me would have to be Tom because i did not like the fact that he had double standards and he just was a racist person. Gatsby’s dream to marry Daisy was pretty romantic and we know thought that how Daisy is and that was not going to happen. Gatsby should have just married someone else so that Daisy could have seen how someone else could love him and that she was not the only woman in the world. That way she could see how see missed out on him.

  4. Kayla Says:

    I was very surprised of how the movie turn out to be. I would have never thought that Gatsby would end up dead at the end. I liked Nick the most because he wasn’t all about the money like everyone else was. Nick was honest, polite, and down to earth. I like Tom the least in the story because he was very dishonest. Tom did everything he could to get his way even if it was that someone had to die. Gatsby’s dream was to be with Daisy at the end. He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. Yes, it was foolish because he knew that she had a husband and that could have never happened.

  5. Carla Says:

    I thought that the conclusion of this movie was sad and kind of depressing in a way. I likes Daisy the best because of the way she presented herself. I did not like Tom very well because of the way that he treated Daisy. It was very unusal to be a dream. Yes it was foolish because he got shot and he did not deserve it.

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